Private Services List & Fees

Fees for Non-NHS Services

The NHS does not cover all services provided at this practice,

so the charges below apply to patients for certain services:

All services require pre-payment by Bank Transfer/Cash/Card

Report with Medical Examination ie adoption/pre-employment (without investigation)£160.00
Report without Examination ie Insurance form/ Bupa/Accident/PPA£133.00
DVLA / PCV/ Taxi Driver/ Elderly Fitness to Drive£120.00
Report without Examination (paper)£90.00
Targeted Report / Longer letter/ Form / Report£100.00
Holiday Cancellation£50.00
Ofsted Health Declaration Form£100.00
GDPR Insurance Report£102.00
TWIMC                                       (From)£50.00
Certificate of Registration£20.00
Foreign Pension Confirmation£20.00
Copy of Medical Records – 1st request / updated requestFree of charge
Repeat request for copy of all records£100.00


Private Prescription (solely for travel ie antimalarial)£15.00
Vaccination Certificate (Hep A,Typhoid/tetanus/diphtheria/polio – Free)£15.00
Meningitis ACWY (for Hajjor Umrah)*£60.00
Rabies (3 doses @ £65. each)*£195.00
Hepatitis B (3 doses @ £35 each)£105.00
Japanese Encephalitis (3 doses @ £95.00 each)*£285.00
Tick Bourne Encephalitis ( 3 doses @ £70.00 each)£210.00
(*To be ordered after pre-payment)