Private Services List & Fees

Fees Payable By Patients

Medical Examinations


Employment or pre-employment medicals (e.g. Army, Police) £160.00
Drivers or pilots vocational licences (e.g. LGV, PCV, Taxi, Pilots, etc.) £120.00
Medical examination and form £133.00
Life assurance medical – GPR £102.20
Targeted report £50.00
Occupational health £50.00
Additional report £24.00

Certificates, Forms & Private letters


Bupa / PPA verification, accident insurance claim £60.00
TWIMC – housing, gym fitness Letters £30.00
Private sick note £30.00
Freedom from infection certificate £30.00
Confirmation of registration £18.00
Foreign pension confirmation £18.00
Proof of registration / residency £18.00
Taxi card / disabled parking £20.00

Travel Abroad


Private prescription for travel abroad  £13.00
Vaccination Certificate
Fitness to travel  £30.00
Holiday cancellation  £30.00

Access to Medical Records


 Records held only on computer £0.00
 Records held part on computer and part manually (paper) £0.00
Photocopies per page £0.00