Minor Surgery and Joint Injections

Minor Surgery

Dr Dhall has been doing minor surgery at the practice since 2009 and has previous surgical experience in the field of gynaecology.

She has vast experience of removing skin lesions such as sebaceous cysts prone to infection, skin tags / seborrheoic warts that are repeatedly catching or causing pain.

Dr Shrewsbury joined the practice in 2018 and can also perform minor surgery.

This service is for removal of skin lesions which are causing significant symptoms. We can only remove lesions that meet the Ealing CCG criteria for minor surgery in general practice. We are not able to remove lesions for cosmetic purposes.

If you think you might benefit from minor surgery, you can talk to any doctor at the practice and they will assess whether or not you are eligible to be added to our minor surgery waiting list.

Joint injections

Joint injections can be very helpful in certain circumstances but they are not always advisable.

All our doctors can assess your need for an injection and advise whether you are eligible to be added to the joint injection waiting list. Currently Dr Dhall and Dr Shrewsbury are our clinician performing joint injections.