Anti-Coagulation refers to a set of drugs which can be used to thin the blood in certain situations where there is an increased risk of a blood clot.

We are extremely fortunate to have nurse Rachel Oughton leading on anticoagulation at the Cloister Rd surgery. Rachel has many years experience working for the GP Federation as lead nurse and quality assurance officer for anticoagulation. As well as being an expert on anything to do with anticoagulation, she is a very approachable and warm clinician. Rachel is at the surgery once a week and can help support patients considering anticoagulation or struggling with any aspect of their anticoagulation treatment.

Our whole team of receptionists, nurses, health care assistants (HCAs) and doctors are geared towards facilitating warfarin monitoring and in line with current guidance we also offer direct oral anticoagulant (DOAC) therapies.

We recognise that taking anticoagulant treatment can be life changing for patients and their loved ones and we are dedicated to facilitating your journey if at all positive.

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