Online Services

About Online Services

By registering for the online services you will be able to complete a variety of different tasks online rather than having to come in to the practice:

  • Book an appointment & access Online consultations
  • View past and future appointments
  • Order recent and regular repeat medications
  • Change your chosen pharmacy
  • View your health records & Access test results (if you request access to your records)
  • Airmid app:  Use to request your full records, Add your own data & access Video Consultations

These online services are as safe as online banking as long as you keep your passwords secure, and you can access these services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Please familiarize yourself with the guidance: PatientGuidanceBooklet


How to Register for Online Services

  • Download two apps onto your phone:  NHSApp &  Airmid
  • Use the NHSApp first to create your NHSLogin . You need a UK mobile phone number, email address and Photo ID (Passport, UK/European Driving License or European ID card). It can help to have your NHS number at hand.
  • If you experience difficulties creating your NHSLogin, you may wish to visit the Support webpage:
  • Use the same NHSLogin to access the Airmid app, which is linked to our practice’s healthcare IT system (called SystmOne) . The Airmid app has some functionality  not  currently in the national NHSApp (e.g. video consultations) and vice versa is true too, which is why we recommend you download both Apps.  For more guidance on using Airmid, visit
  • You will not automatically be able to see your records (e.g. blood test results). For access to your records, please use the Airmid app and follow the additional steps explained in the next section.

How to Request Online Access to your Full Medical Records

  • If you want full online access to your records, you can request this via the Airmid app. Please select “Organisations” and then click on “Cloister Road Surgery”. Next to “Full Clinical Record”, you can click on “Request access” (see video above). We will then receive your request and please allow upto 30 days for us to review your records and process your request.   For children, there are restrictions and you need to discuss it further with us.
  • Both the NHSApp and Airmid app will enhance your digital experience as a patient at this practice.

 Already Registered?

If you are already registered to use the online services, please use the NHSApp or Airmid app or visit  Airmid / Systm Online.