GP Team

We welcome your feedback. If you would like to comment about our surgery or staff, you can do so on the NHS website, or iWantGreatCare. This last website also allows you to comment about individual doctors, which can help them reflect on your experience.

Our GPs are part-time and work a dedicated number of sessions at the practice, offering continuity of care to our patients. Each GP can tend to have their own particular clinical interests, which can complement each other as a team. GP Partners have more involvement in the management of the whole practice. We also have some Sessional GPs who do adhoc sessions at the practice.

You are welcomed to book with any GP of your choice, but this is subject to availability.

For more urgent problems, it is less likely that the practice can offer your choice of doctor at short-notice and you are more likely to have contact with the on-call GP at that time.

Members of the GP team are:

 Listed in order first worked at practice

Dr Sudha Dhall (f) – GP Partner

MBBS (1993), MRCGP, MRCOG  – GMC Number: 4759267

Dr Sudha Dhall started as a partner at Cloister Road Surgery in Oct 2005.

She trained in Delhi at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and qualified in 1993. She specialised in Gynaecology in India initially obtaining a MD in Gynaecology in 1996. She then worked in Gynaecology and received her MRCOG in 1999. Dr Dhall then trained as a GP in the UK and completed her MRCGP with distinction in 2003.

Dr Dhall has been working as a GP Trainer for a number of years and she is one of the GPs running the Ealing vocational training scheme for GPs. Thanks to her educational role, the practice hosts a GP in training (GP registrar) every year.

Special Interests: Minor surgery, Joint injection, Ring pessary insertion, Women’s health & Medical Education

Additional Languages: Hindi

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Dr Shanker Vijay (m) – GP

MRCGP (2004), MBBS (2000) BSc – GMC Number: 4729716

Dr Shanker Vijay has worked on and off at Cloister Road Surgery since 2004. He was born and grew up in North West London. He graduated from University College London Medical School in 2000 and became a GP in 2004.

He also has a  Management role as a GP Governing Body member for Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Dr Shanker Vijay has worked in a variety of GP Practices across London, but mainly in Ealing and Harrow. This has included long periods at Barnabas Medical Centre and Hillview Surgery in Ealing.

Special interests:  Healthcare IT, Mental Health

Additional Languages: None

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Dr Vijay endeavours to respond to every review if he can.

Dr Anna Paul (f) – Salaried GP

MRCGP, MBChB (2004), DipPalMed, DFSRH – GMC Number: 6105121

Dr Anna Paul has been part of the team at Cloister Road Surgery since 2013.

She studied medicine at Leeds University qualifying in 2004 with a distinction in Personal and Professional development.

Dr Anna Paul extended her training to work in Australia for 2 years specialising in emergency medicine for a year, and then inpatient and community palliative care. She qualified in general practice in 2010.

Dr Anna Paul believes in the active holistic care of all patients including those with advanced progressive illness.

She works part time around two children and enjoys running and Pilates.

Special interests:
General medicine, health, wellbeing and prevention, Palliative care

Additional Languages: None

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Dr Shormila Dutta (f) – Salaried GP

MBBS, MRCGP – GMC Number: 6141411

Dr Dutta read English Literature at university where her areas of interest included early English poetry, fin de siecle novels and the theatre of the absurd.
Later, she studied medicine at St George’s (University of London) before completing her GP training on the 
Windsor VTS scheme.

Special interests:

Cardiovascular medicine, Child health, Orthopaedics and History of medicine.

Additional Languages: None

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Dr Supriya Sukumaran (f) – Salaried GP

MBBS MRCGP DRCOG MCEM FRCS (Ed) (Singapore 1993) – GMC Number: 4159733

Dr Supriya Sukumaran joined Cloister Road Surgery in August 2014.

She graduated from the National university of Singapore in 1993. Initially Dr Supriya Sukumaran specialised in A&E Medicine, becoming a FRSC(Ed) (A&E) in 2001. After several years hospital practice in North West London Dr Sukumaran decided that she would prefer to work in Primary care, completing her MRCGP in 2015. She is interested in community health promotion.

Since 2019, she is the Clinical Director for the Acton Primary Care Network (PCN) which covers multiple local practices (including Cloister Road Surgery).

She enjoys travelling, theatre, dance, Pilates and has recently taken up running.

Special interests:
Paediatrics, Cardiology, Diabetes, Health promotion &  Acute care.

Additional Languages: French, Tamil, Malay and a smattering of Mandarin

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 Dr Anjali Chakraborty (f) – Salaried GP

MRCGP (2012), MBBS (2008), BSc (h) (2002), DCH, DRCOG – GMC Number: 7020364

Dr Anjali Chakraborty joined the Cloister Road Team in June 2017.

Originally from Canada, she completed a degree in Life Science and Psychology with Honours in 2002 before studying medicine at Imperial College and graduating with Merit in 2008. She completed her GP training in 2012 with the Hillingdon scheme and has worked around West London and Hertfordshire since that time. She is passionate about working with patients to support and empower health and wellbeing – both mental and physical.

She has completed a clinical fellowship in Paediatrics; working with the local CCG to support robust and continuous care for children in a hospital and community setting. She was previously the lead GP for the Community Education Providers Network (CEPN) in Ealing.

Dr Anjali Chakraborty currently works part time at this surgery. She enjoys travelling, reading, healthy living and is a dedicated yoga practitioner.

Special interests:  Women and Children’s health

Additional Languages: None

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Dr Batool Hariri (f) – Salaried GP

Dr Batool Hariri joined the Cloister Road Team in April 2021.

Dr Aradhika Dhawan (f) – Sessional GP

GMC Number: 6045629

Dr Aradhika Dhawan qualified as a GP in 2008 and has been at Cloister Road Surgery since 2010.
She studied at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore and moved to the UK in 2000.

She works part time around 3 children and a dog. She enjoys pilates, yoga and strength training.

Special interests:  General medicine, preventative and lifestyle medicine, mental health & dermatology

Additional Languages:  Hindi

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GP Registrars and GP Trainees

We are currently a training practice, supporting the Vocational Training Schemes for GP registrars to train in GP settings. Dr Sudha Dhall is a GP trainer, with Dr Shanker Vijay and Dr Shormila Dutta in the process of also becoming GP trainers. Our GP registrars curiosity and fresh approach to general practice helps to maintain our high standards of care.

Dr Mohsin Choudry (m)

BSc (Hons) MBBS – GMC Number: 7280834

Additional Languages: None

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Dr Olaitan Bankole (F)

BSc (Hons) MBBS MSc – GMC Number: 7391093

Olaitan graduated from the University of Ghana Medical School and went on to practice in Ghana and Nigeria before completing a Masters Degree in Health Policy, Planning and Financing from the London School of Economics.
Her interests are women’s health, mental health and health financing.

Additional Languages: None

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