Patient Champions

Cloister Road Surgery is working with Patient Champions in health-related areas of interest to our patients. We now have Epilepsy and Carers Champions. These volunteers are happy to encourage confidence and share their knowledge and experience with the wider patient community. They often also have information about local and national patient support groups. Many patients are interested in a particular health-related areas because they may be:

  • newly diagnosed
  • living with a conditions themselves, or
  • caring for someone else

Patient Champions will do their best to:

  • give a voice to Cloister Road Surgery patients with similar interests and concerns
  • share information from a variety of reliable sources

Patient Champions will not try to:

  • act as an expert in this area
  • give clinical advice

If you would like to contact the Epilepsy or  Carers Champion, please email or – otherwise leave your name at reception if you would rather the Champion contact you by post or ‘phone.