Improving access to general practice: a limited number of evening and weekend appointments are now available

Patients who are registered at the Cloister Road Surgery can now access a limited number of appointments to see a GP or nurse on weekday evenings (6.30-8pm) or at the weekends (from 8am-8pm). There is also a limited service on bank holidays.
These appointments take place at our local GP access centre: the Florence Road Surgery, Ealing, W5 3TX.

The service is staffed by local GPs from the Ealing area. You are unlikely to see a Cloister Road Surgery GP.

The appointment will be a one off 10 minute consultation which may result in advice and / or treatment. Please note that the consulting doctor is not able to request routine investigations or referrals. If these are considered necessary, a letter will be sent to your regular GP to consider further management.

We would advise that you consent to sharing of your medical record with other NHS services involved in your care at booking. ‘Sharing out’ allows the consulting GP to access your medical history and current treatment. If you do not ‘share out’, the consulting GP will not be able to see your cloister road medical record and they will be less well equipped to assist you. You can read the attached document for more information about sharing your medical record.

Talk to the practice receptionists to find out more or to book an appointment, subject to availability.

Further information is available at and on the Healthy London Partnership website